Slate Calls

Glass and Slate Calls

Our custom slate calls are some of the best made we have Purple heart, Walnut, Cherry pots and Pennsylvania slate. Which is the best ever produced for making turkey calls most companies are using a cheap black slate bought in other countries which is a lower quality and does not have the same sound characteristics as the Pennsylvania Slate. We also use a slate sound board that improves the sound quality. Most company’s won’t do this beacause of the extra cost. We are in the heart of the Pennsylvania slate belt. Our hot hen comes with a custom tuned striker in cherry or walnut. Our dominator is a purple heart Pot with a Lighting Strike Striker that will work in the rain or underwater.

 Cherry Hot Hen $24.95

Walnut Hot Hen $29.95

Purple Heart Dominator $29.95

Lighting Strike Striker works on slate under water $8.95

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