Spring Turkey Calls

Turkey Calls


Wilson Warrior Scratch Box Turkey Call

Tested and Approved by the North American Hunting Club watch the Feb- March issue for more details

“The Warrior” 4-in-1 Turkey Call by Wilson Game Calls is the first and only true 4-in-1 call. The Wilson family designed and used this call long before other turkey call companies even thought about it. The “Wilson Warrior” has been used for generations in the Wilson family, and is now available to the public. “The Warrior” can produce at least 5 tones from each of its 4 sides. This call can produce over 20 different turkey tones. This is the only call that is made to produce the sounds of young birds in the fall using the small box. It will bring a whole flock in, both hens and gobblers, so they can locate the young bird and regroup. The Big box is great for Spring Turkey it produces the sounds of Hens and Gobblers.”The Warrior” Turkey Call has stood the test of time and is still our best selling turkey call after over 30 years. No wonder it is rated as one of the best calls ever made! And it’s about the size of a cell phone! $24.95
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Box Calls

We offer a complete line of box calls . we have black walnut, red cedar, poplar and cherry with a purple heart lid, and Mahogany We hand craft every box one at a time. We offer the classic series , Our classic series has a strutting gobbler engraved on the lid. and all have a mellow sound that makes and ole tom melt when he hears it.


The Mahogany Box has a little more raspy sound then red cedar. This is my favorite box call. It has alot of volume. $29.95

Mahogany Box Call






The Purple Heart Lid makes this call sound excellent, It has a cherry base, poplar sides, and walnut wedges. It has a lot of rasp to it like a raspy ole hen. $29.95



Purple Heart Box Call





The Walnut Box Call has good volume and has a mello raspy sound this is my back up call. $24.95

Walnut Box






The Red Cedar Box Call has very little rasp this is the smallest bo call we make and it will bring the big boys in. I use this early season and during the fall. $24.95

Red Cedar Box Call




Push Button Calls


Our Push Button Calls are easy to use and have a unique spring designed so you can adjust the tention which adjusts the sound, we make these in Walnut and Red Cedar.

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Half Moon Box Calls

The Red Cedar half moon box call is a sweet seductive call that works great in the spring or fall I have used it on some call shy toms and have had great success with it. The Walnut has more Raspy Tones and the Maple Walnut produces some mellow sounds with a little rasp.


Red Cedar has a mellow sound works great in fall or spring engraved on 3 sides

Red Cedar Half Moon $29.95






The Maple Walnut Halfmoon Has more rasp then the red cedar this is another one of my favorites. engraved on 3 sides

Walnut Maple Half Moon $29.95






The Walnut Halfmoon has a lot of rasp to it great for call shy tom’s

Walnut HalfMoon $29.95





All 100% Made in The USA with Pride


Signature Series Box Calls

Jerry L Wilson Series

Series # 2 Engraved 3 sides Cherry And Butter Nut $29.95

Jerry L Wilson Series 2 Box Call

Series #2 Cherry Slate $29.95

Jerry L Wilson Series 2 Slate

Series #1 Engraved 3 sides Walnut and Maple $29.95

Jerry L Wilson Series 1 Box Call

Series #1 Cherry Slate $29.95

Jerry L WIlson series 1 Slate

Series #3 Black Walnut and Maple Paddle Box Engraved Lid Only$39.95

Jerry L Wilson Series 3 Box Call

Series #3 Walnut Slate $29.95

Jerry L Wilson Series 2 Slate

Collectors we will have all three sets at a special price.


Ed Noonan Series

The Ed Noonan Series #1 is a Mahogany Box with Walnut Wedges $29.95. We also Have a Walnut Slate Call for Series #1 $29.95

Ed Noonan Series 1 Box Call

Ed Noonan Series 1 Slate

Ed Noonan Series #2 Mahogany Box with Purple Heart Lid $29.95

Ed Noonan Series 2 Box Call

Ed Noonan Series #2 Purple Heart Slate Call $29.95

Ed Noonan Series 2 Slate

Ed Noonan Series #3 Red Cedar Paddle Boat $39.95

Ed Noonan Series #3 Cherry Slate $29.95


Slate Calls

Slate Calls

Our custom slate calls are some of the best made we have Purple heart, Walnut, Cherry pots and Pennsylvania slate. Which is the best ever produced for making turkey calls most companies are using a cheap black slate bought in other countries which is a lower quality and does not have the same sound characteristics as the Pennsylvania Slate. We also use a slate sound board that improves the sound quality. Most company’s won’t do this beacause of the extra cost. We are in the heart of the Pennsylvania slate belt. Our hot hen comes with a custom tuned striker in cherry or walnut. Our dominator is a purple heart Pot with a Lighting Strike Striker that will work in the rain or underwater.


Cherry Hot Hen $24.95


Walnut Hot Hen $29.95


Purple Heart Dominator $29.95


Lighting Strike Striker $8.95



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