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Spike Bull Bugle


The “Spike Bull Elk Bugle” Elk Call by Wilson Game Calls will bring a herd bull into range for a good shot. After years of research, Jerry Wilson found that herd bulls respond better to a young bull bugle call than to an old bull call. Think about it. A big 6X6 will challenge a small bull anytime to show off his stuff to the cows, but he will sometimes shy away from another big bull and run away with his cows. Jerry’s “Spike Bull Elk Bugle” Elk Call has a great sound and doesn’t have latex reeds which often break and ruin a great hunt. We use a non-laytex reed system to get the best possible sound. With the “Spike Bull Elk Bugle” Elk Call, you don’t have to worry about carrying extra reeds. Just focus on making your shot count.

The “Spike Bull Elk Bugle” Elk Call is designed and hand-crafted by Jerry Wilson right here in the USA. This call comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY $29.95 Add to cart


Seductive Elk Cow


The Seductive Cow which is a bite down reed type call which took 5 6X6 Bulls in 5 days last year in Idaho Taken with Elk Guide Ken Baroni. I enclosed Ken’s Letter below for you to read. We tested this call with different designs and what we came up with will amaze you. The Hardwood Barrel is the key to a great sounding call. Just like all of our calls we design and test everyone sometimes it takes 2 or 3 years unlike other companies that buy designs and have them imported. We make all of our calls here in Pennsylvania and use nothing but our own designs $19.95
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