Deer Calls

The Executioner Grunt Call

This is the best grunt call made it produces the best grunts with that little rattle at the end it is 100% water proof and will not freeze. We can pour water in this call and it works even after we freeze it. if your grunt call has a freezing problem switch to a Executioner we freeze the competition in their tracks. We offer a Lifetime Warranty Great for long range or up close calling it can produce dominant grunts young grunts and doe and fawn bleats will also do tending grunts This is the best grunt call you will ever blow air through. All hand made in the USA. The Executioner got its name because it brings them in on a string. While other company’s have to try and improve the grunt calls they sell we haven’t changed a thing on the Executioner in 12 years I have my original and have called in bucks from day one. With a patented reed system this is the last call you will ever buy or use. $24.95
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Get the Deer Kit Below and $$$$$$$$ SAVE $$$$$$$

  includes the Executioner and Social Doe Calls $42.99

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Terminator Grunt Call


This is the very first grunt call I designed it is a great call. Fully adjustable has the O’ring with notches cut in the bottom of the reed holder for easy adjustment sound is good. It is all hardwood. works when wet and will not freeze up. I prefer the Executioner over this call $19.99.

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Big Daddy Grunt Call

big daddy

The big daddy is a 4 or 5 year old buck  if you hunt monster bucks this is just what you need deep harsh grunts $21.99.

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John Nikoden

Social Doe Grunt

The Social Doe Grunt produces all the sounds of female deer from old doe grunts to bleats and fawn bleats and bawls this blows the call cans out of the water when it comes to sound quality. $24.95
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Rattle Master

The safest way to Rattle in Big Bucks we have been making and using the Rattle Master for 10 years. This is all hand made and has 100% wood inside which warms when using it and doesn’t freeze your hands like the plastic models do. $15.95

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Jerry L Wilson


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