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 Tested and Approved by the North American Hunting Club “The Warrior” 4-in-1 Turkey Call by Wilson Game Calls is the first and only true 4-in-1 call. The Wilson family designed and used this call long before other turkey call companies even thought about it. The “Wilson Warrior” has been used for generations in the Wilson family, and is now available to the public. “The Warrior” can produce at least 5 tones from each of its 4 sides. This call can produce over 20 different turkey tones. This is the only call that is made to produce the sounds of young birds in the fall using the small box. It will bring a whole flock in, both hens and gobblers, so they can locate the young bird and regroup. The Big box is great for Spring Turkey it produces the sounds of Hens and Gobblers.”The Warrior” Turkey Call has stood the test of time and is still our best selling turkey call after over 30 years. No wonder it is rated as one of the best calls ever made! And it’s about the size of a cell phone! $24.95

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Jerry Wilson CEO Wilson Game Calls Walnut Warrior

If you purchase one of our calls they come with a lifetime warranty these are calls you can hand down to your grand children and they can hand down to theirs. We offer a 7 day buy back on any call we sell. once you get it return it if you do not like it.

Jerry Wilson CEO Wilson Game Calls Walnut Warrior

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