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jerryJerry Wilson CEO of Wilson Game Calls started hunting at the age of 12. He was raised in a family that hunted and used game calls.  Jerry had been around all the different calls from various companies and heard  complaints about various calls.   Jerry  experimented making his own calls attempting to fix other companies mistakes. This rapidly became a business for Jerry while constantly trying to improve the designs he  made. He began Wilson Game Calls in 1998 at thge age of 30.

One day while hunting turkey’s, a hunter in the area heard how well Jerry’s hand-made turkey call worked. He  approached Jerry and asked what call he was using. Jerry gladly shared his home-made custom turkey call. Interested, the hunter offered to buy it from Jerry. Instead, Jerry  gave it to him. Every game call that Jerry manufactures is hand-made and personally tuned. People find that the over-all quality and sound production as well as other features are very impressive compared to other companies.

Jerry’s Deer calls are 100% waterproof and will not freeze under cold conditions unlike most competitors. Wilson Game Calls also have the best sound quality of any deer call on the market. Jerry also made the first inhale-exhale grunt call in 1998 before other companies caught on to the idea. Wilson Game Calls hardwood tubes give off a better sound than plastic tubes.

Wilson Game Calls also made the first true 4 in 1 turkey call. We also are the first business to make a slate turkey call, which works under water with our lighting strike striker.

Jerry Wilson Predator calls are made using hardwood barrels which produce more realistic sounds than plastic barrels. The wood used in Wilson calls takes the vibration out of the sound, which produces a more true-to-life sound.

Wilson locator calls are designed with very little air flow needed. These calls are ideal for senior hunters as well as beginners.



BryanBryan is our turkey hunter it runs in his veins just like it did my dad  and myself. Bryan started hunting at age 11 he took his first turkey at 12 and his first buck at 12. He got his first doe at 14. He  bow hunting crazy and likes to be in the woods. Bryan helps design and make the calls.


james James Weiss

James Weiss was born and raised in the state of New Jersey. In early life he spent much of his time with his grandfather and uncle who are avid outdoors men.

When James turned 18 he volunteer for the U.S. Navy.  He spent 6 years on active duty ( still a reservist) where he spent time hunting and fishing places like the tidewater VA area, Jacksonville FL, Pensacola FL, Key west FL, Bahrain and Suda bay Greece.

At this time James resides with his wife Nicole (also a Prostaffer) and his two sons (Jimmy and Joey) in NE PA area. He is dedicated to archer deer and turkey hunting and spends time in the fall in NJ, PA, MD and NC chasing game.

On the off season he spends much of his time knee deep in the streams chasing trout and on the lake fishing bass tournaments.

Favorite activity: Archery Deer

Favorite call: Executioner Grunt call

Favorite time to hunt: first week of November


Andrew Jones


Andy was born and raised in New Jersey where he grew up hunting with his dad and older brother. At age 12, he began hunting with a gun and at 18 took up bow hunting for whitetails.  While NJ and PA are where he spends most of his time hunting, he has travelled to Maine, Missouri and Ohio to hunt whitetail deer, as well as Ohio and Nebraska for Turkey and Montana to hunt elk.

Andy has been fishing for long before he can remember.  Mostly a trout and bass fisherman, he has ventured to Alaska and NY to fish too.  Currently, he is the Vice President of the Warren County Bass club and is Pro Staff for


Kevin D

Kevin Dougher


Kevin Dougher was born and raised in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania. His grandfather got him interested in hunting when he would take him pheasant and rabbit hunting when he was a young boy. As he got older he would go hunting, fishing and hiking with his father and uncle. Along with archery and small game he is an avid trapper and predator hunter. Raspy rabbit is his call of choice for predators.

Favorite activity: Archery

Favorite call: Raspy rabbit is his call of choice for predators



 Cristina McGannon

Relatively new to the sport of hunting, Cristina first picked up a compound bow in 2011 and six months later shot her first NJ whitetail deer.   She spends most of her time in the woods of NJ deer, black bear or turkey hunting, but has traveled to Louisiana and Tennessee for deer as well as New Brunswick, Canada for black bear.

Cristina is the Women in the Outdoors (WITO) Coordinator for the NJ State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, the Secretary of the Skylands Chapter –NWTF and is involved in numerous other national, state and local Second Amendment, conservation and hunting organizations.  She focuses her efforts on getting women, veterans and youth involved in the outdoor and hunting sports.

Nolan Acheson


I live in Kelowna, BC Canada. I have a loving, patient wife and two great teenage daughters. I’m 44 years young and I’ve been an avid hunter and fisherman since the mid 80’s. My hobbies also include canoeing (usually combined with flyfishing for trout), hiking, and cross country skiing. My youngest daughter and I enjoy goose and deer hunting. I also enjoy one backpacking trip a year for Bighorn sheep in the Rocky Mountains for a week. I’ve also taken moose, black bear, yotes, and a 10 inch, 11 year old billy goat. When we are deer hunting, we always have our Executioner deer calls from Jerry.

grizzly steve Grizzly Steve




paulPaul Unangst



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