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Wanted to let you know that I have found your Raspy Rabbit call to be extremely effective in the early Spring Bear hunts here in Montana. To date I have personally called in 3 boars with the raspy rabbit. One which charged the call directly to 60 yards before circling to get our wind. Another which came in curios to about 40 yards to provide a perfect broadside shot. Both of these encounters were filmed for Camo Life T.V. and will be airing in the 3rd quarter of 2010 on Versus Network. As spring progresses, my guides switch from small game calls to elk and deer distress calls, but rest assured each and every one of them will be carrying your calls. On a side note, I think it is a little early for the cub bear call as I had a bear flat turn and run from it. I think I will find success as the bears begin entering the rut in the next few weeks.


Stockton Outfitters, LLC

Mark J. Shutey



Well, got the calls yesterday and figured I’d give you my impressions.

Slate- I pulled the slate call out of the package and was immediately impressed. The slate to pot fit was very good. There was a uniform depth to where the slate top sat in the pot. There were no tool marks like cheap slates often have. The holes in the back were clean and uniform. I immediately rounded off the striker a bit (that’s what I prefer) and I love how small in diameter it is. Too many nowaday’s are large and cumbersome. The sound was great and had a distinct difference while playing from the heart of the slate to the outside edge. Nice job!

Box- The box call was equally nice. No tool marks. Nice design with clean cuts. The sound was great. Tuned the lid to strike back and forth on the edges of the box to see how well it had been tuned and found I got about the best sound about where it was out of the box. Again, a nice looking box and more importantly, a great sound.

We see a lot of new call companies each year and receive a lot of calls to try. Most are just junk. Yours are definitely some that will go in my vest for this year’s hunts.

Gabe VanWormer

Michigan Out-of-Doors


I recently bought your Executioner deer call and it helped relax some Mule deer in a group until I was able to spot the big one and shoot it. I also called in a Whitetail buck with three antlers! I only hunted three mornings to get these two bucks! Here are some pictures. Thank you very much for the great call. Nolan Acheson Kelowna B.C Canada


















Author Terry Townsend

The first success was during our muzzle load season which opens almost simultaneously with our peak rut here in Tennessee.I was hunting from a 22 foot ladder stand overlooking a corn field that was about 80%consumed but still had enough corn to draw in the does. I was watching a couple of does and had been for a while and I decided to hit the Social Doe Grunt Call. I hit it twice and waited a few minutes and hit it again three times and within a few minutes a non typical 12 pointer came in from my left and immediately saw the does. I shot him as he walked toward the does and even after I shot, a nice 8 pointer came out from the other side, obviously in response to your call as well, and just stood there broadside looking at me presenting a great shot but here in Tennessee there is a one buck limit per day and a maximum of three per year on the open season hunts. I do attribute my success that morning to the quality of your call.


Two weeks later from the same stand deep into our rut and overlooking the same corn field I had another good fortune. I had the wind in my face and had not seen anything all morning and decided to give the Executioner Deer Grunt Call a try about 10:00am. I called a few times and here came an 8 pointer from the down wind side of me almost from under my stand running out into the field. He circled around the field heading away from me and I hit your call and stopped him in his tracks. He turned broadside and went down within 30 feet of where I shot him.


Terry Townsend is the Author of American Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips and Resources

This is an Excellent Book for any deer hunter and a must read for even the most experienced hunter I truly enjoyed reading the book and the Knowledge I got from it Thanks for the Great Book Terry.


Ed Noonan



I missed opening morning the first time in years so I went around 2:30 and Was in the stand at 2:50 and this buck was down at 3:44 Old 8 Pointer, 12-13″ spread dressed at 165lbs. and estimated to be 5 or 6 shot under 20 yards with Bowtech General and Using the Executioner Grunt Call. Who could ask for anything more.


Shot this guy with Taurus 410 , The Judge, revolver yesterday morning. NYS just allowed shotgun handguns with no larger than no. 2 shot for turkey hunting. May be the first one in NYS.

Love this box.  ed   















Mark from Down South Hunting Forms


Shot this 8 pointer at around 40 yards.I had him responding to the Wilson Executioner call for a while, just a couple of grunts made him think.Well about 10 mins later, he came from the woods to the fields to see what was going on, thats when i got my shot.

This is one great sounding call.

Thanks Mark

AKA: Smoke

Owner Down South Hunting Form

your wilson executioner grunt call works everytime so far
Once in a lifetime that you and your kid can kill 2 nice bucks with in 10 mins apart.
Craigs deer is 16 inches wide and weighed around 175.
My deer was 15 and 1/2 inches wide and weighed about 160.
Both deer were 7 pointers.
I shot mine and dropped him at 100 yds and craig…AKA… Archer83.. shot his at 70 yds

Thanks again Mark & Craig

AKA Smoke & Archer83



James Lottman Buck

James Lottman Buck

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