Bear Calls and Scent

Bear Cub Distress

This is the best invention since the deer call if you think deer respond to a call then you should try the Wilson Bear Cub it brings them in real close. This call should not be used unless you are ready to harvest a bear. It brings both male and female bears in. When a Male comes in he is looking for food. When a Female come in she is looking to protect the cub. Use Caution using this call it is legal to use in Pennsylvania. Please check local laws to see if it is legal This is a great call for Coyotes, Bobcat, Mountain Lions, We have taken several coyotes using this call. There have been a few 40+ pound coyotes taken with this call. and remember if its not a Wilson its just another call. $19.95
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This is a new call that works great will bring in a hungry bear looking for an easy meal.



Bear Scent this is a great scent to use if it is legal to use in the state you hunt. 1 oz bottle of bear scent $8.95
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This call makes a great sound, totally unique and very realistic. I can not wait to try these this spring. They remind me of another wooden call which I had years ago will keep you posted.


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