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All of our calls are hand made from wood these are all custom made calls.  No two calls are ever the same because no two pieces of wood are the same. We make them one at a time like they did 100 years ago. They are all hand tuned to have excellent sound quality and produce the most realistic sound you will ever hear. Jerry Wilson tunes every call before it is packaged if it fails his check list it gets destroyed. I have hunted for over 32 years and as with most hunters. I count on the products I use it has to be the absolute best or it never leaves my shop. I offer a lifetime warranty and a 10 day buy back on every call I sell If you want the best hand made calls you found them. I won’t settle for second best and my customers deserve nothing but the best . My family has over 100 years of hunting experience with wild turkey’s and whitetail deer. I have spent hours testing calls and making sure the tones where better than anything made today.  Ed Noonan (Outdoor Writer and Professional Turkey Hunter) has 7 Grand Slams, World Slam, Royal Slam, Mexican slam, Canadian slam. His 8th Grand Slam is almost finished these were mostly done with Wilson Turkey Calls. Ed has taken over 150 turkeys to date.  Please look at each call under products. We are proudly 100% made in the USA

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